Matching your makeup with your outfit is fun and makes your entire look more interesting. Since makeup is part of your overall appearance, it should be coordinated with your clothes such as your custom T-shirts.

Without further ado, here’s how you can match your makeup with your outfit:

Color Palette

Many people love bold colors in their clothes. They express themselves through color blocking and prints, among many others. If you prefer this style and you want to match your makeup with it, you have to be mindful because a bold shade both on your face and clothes can be too much.

In this case, it’s best to choose muted shades for your makeup.

Even Color Distribution

Even though it is generally easy to match your makeup with your outfit, it does not mean that all your clothing pieces will be easy to match with your makeup.

For instance, if you want to match your lipstick to your dress, it can be a challenge not to make your look a bit too much. This can be difficult because even the most experienced makeup artists and stylists can find it hard to match any lipstick shade to a dress and make your overall look beautiful and clean.

Instead of matching your lipstick to your dress, you can match your lipstick or eyeshadow to your accessories such as your bag or shoes.


It’s easy to get carried away when making your makeup and outfit work together. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind not to overdo it. Though it is cool to match them, it does not mean that you have to match every makeup and clothing piece.

What you want to happen is for the colors to blend and make your look elegant. That is alright as long as you do not pick two colors and match everything.

Keep in mind that concentrating on making your makeup and accessories can work to avoid going overboard. It can also help to figure out what pieces you want to work on before you plan your makeup and outfit.

If you enjoy experimenting with eyeshadow because of your striking eyes, you can tone down your clothing pieces of choice.

Familiarize Yourself with Makeup and Clothes

Learning how colors and shades work is not something people can naturally have. There are situations wherein you thought your color choices were good but they do not work. Put simply, working with makeup and clothes together is a process of non-stop learning.

Nevertheless, if you want to know the trend in matching your makeup with your outfit, you need to know how to work with makeup products with your look.


We hope this information helped you have a better understanding of how to march your makeup and outfit. Even though it can be fun, keep in mind that matching these two goes beyond fun. You need to learn the techniques on how not to overdo it and look polished every time. As makeup is crucial in your look, all the elements should be properly coordinated.

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