Totes are the perfect blend of a functional and sophisticated look when chosen rightly. If you intend to get a tote bag for work, it’s very likely that you also want to carry your laptop to and from work. The majority of totes are made to carry a lot of stuff, but not all totes can carry a laptop. When buying laptop tote bags, you need to consider two features: reliable shoulder straps and sturdy materials.

Several modern styles for tote bags involve space for a laptop. This makes tote bags one of the most reliable options to keep or carry your laptop. So if you’re no longer using the tote bag you previously used or want to add another bag to your collection, this article will present a list of the best options. Let’s get started.

1. Micheal Kors Olive Tote Bag

This designer tote bag comes in an olive color and is one of the best purchase options on the market. The bag has a streamlined design and features several compartments or spaces. It will make a good replacement for that old tote bag you’re using. Other features of the bag include a detachable shoulder strap, which makes the bag versatile (can be carried using hands or shoulders). In addition, the olive color is a great, neutral color choice that helps your bag stand out from the popular brown and black tote options.

2. Caprese Denise Women’s Tote Bag

If you’re accustomed to black and brown tote bags, this color presents a different option. This tote is made using synthetic leather. It’s the perfect bag to contain all your stuff, including your laptop. The bag has a solid handle that secures your grip on the bag while carrying it. The bag boasts two internal compartments, and it also has a zipper.

3. Fossil Women’s Rachel Tote Leather Top-Handle Bag

This bag is a classic, and it’s available only in black color. This shouldn’t be a downer because black is the perfect color for any occasion. Whether you’re in an academic or corporate setting, a black tote bag will blend in effortlessly. The bag was made using pure leather and metal fittings. It’s equipped with several pockets and a zipper closing that will secure all your stuff and keep them in the exact spot you left them. The beauty of this bag is its durability. You don’t have to worry about its lifespan before wear and tear sets in.

4. Suede Tote Bag

This bag is easily the most casual-looking tote bag on the list. Casual sneakers or Converse shoes would make this tote bag look great. It contains one pocket for your laptop, making it easy for you to remove and put back your laptop and other stuff without any fuss. For lovers of totes with a fluid shape, this bag is the ideal option. It’s a solid bag with great handles that make this casual-looking bag elegant at the same time. In summary, it’s suitable for carrying your laptop to work.

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