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Guidelines on Skin Care During Weight Loss

It’s been observed that skin gets affected during weight loss. Losing weight involves the whole body. Therefore, it is no doubt the skin will react as part of the process. The skin tends to loosen or shrink and sag when losing fats. Hence, the natural beauty of the skin can be damaged while dieting. Furthermore, knowing the guidelines on skin care during weight loss, even with the best fat burner supplements, is significant. Here are the guidelines to remember while practicing weight loss methods. 18 Guidelines on Skin Care During Weight ...

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How Does CBD in Skincare Work?

What do skincare, makeup, and cereal have in common? You can now buy them all infused with CBD to some considerable degree. Canadian CBD oil brans blew up early this year and took everyone by surprise. Major blogs and health gurus are talking non-stop about it, and now, the skincare world is being taken up in the storm too! If you are unsure about CBD’s role in skincare, you need to know what exactly it is first. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an active chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. If you thought the name sounds a little bit...

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Does Sweating Cause Hair Loss?

Sweat helps our body regulate heat and remove toxins from the body.  Surprisingly, sweating can also lead to hair loss. Even though sweating gets rid of toxins from the body, too much sweating can be harmful to your scalp and hair. But how exactly does sweat cause hair loss? Some studies suggest that the lactic acid from our sweat can damage keratin from our hair. On the other hand, some studies suggest that unhygienic conditions are the reason behind sweat and hair loss.  This is because the sweat glands that produce ...

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What to Do If Your Hairline Is Receding

Age and stress are believed to cause receding hairlines. This occurs when your hairline moves inwards because of a lack of new hair growth. Before you try different hair and scalp treatments, it’s best to find out what causes this first. What are the Common Causes of Receding Hairlines? Stress Heat and Chemical Damage Scalp Hygiene Medication & Treatment Weight Loss Hormonal Changes Nutrition Deficiency Alopecia Trichotillomania When Should You Consult a Doctor or Dermatologist? Hair ...

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Hair Spa at Home: Benefits, Treatments, and DIY Steps

Salons often offer hair spas to help nourish your hair. Many treatment options are available to help with hair concerns. A hair spa is a soothing and rejuvenating hair treatment that aims to revitalize the hair and improve its texture and appearance. As a result, your hair will be able to counteract all the damage it receives from heat, pollution, and even the sun. Benefits of Hair Spa: Prevents dryness and thinning hair by rejuvenation Restores damaged hair Enhances hair and scalp health Promotes hair growth What are The Different Types of Hair Spa ...