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Shopping Tips for Precious Stone Jewelry


Hello beautiful ladies! Haven't you been mesmerized by precious gemstones? Gorgeous, colorful, stunning and of course, precious, these gemstones are popular for various reasons. We commonly recognize diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other such rare stones as Precious stones. Since antiquity, these gorgeous gemstones are crafted into beautiful jewels such bracelets, rings or pendants and are worn by both men and women. Needless to say, even today every woman wants to own a precious stone jewelry collection of her own.

Never before has buying gemstone jewellery been so accessible. Gemstones and gemstone jewels are not only found in stores across the globe but also at online retail websites. Great, isn't it? This means more and more women can make their dream of owning precious gemstone jewelry come true. However, like everything, this story also has two sides.
While wider accessibility has its advantages, it also gives rise to more sellers who aren't reliable. With increasing demand, chances of artificial or fake gemstone jewelry also arises. It becomes very important to shop carefully and responsibly. After all, it's an investment and you wouldn't want to be fooled into buying artificial jewelry, especially when making the purchase online.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind - 
1. Ask Questions -
Questions show that your purchase is not a frivolous one and that you'd like to know more about what you're buying. Ask all types of questions, about the make, the origin, the price, the actual name, everything you might need to know about the gemstone. When shopping online, make use of the 'Live Assistance' service offered by most websites.
2. Loose Gems -
Most conventional jewelers/websites have their precious stones set in a way that makes it difficult for an ordinary buyer to spot imperfections. To avoid such instances, you can always opt for loose gemstones. For instance, a ruby stone or emerald stone which is a colored gemstone, cannot be inspected well if it is already mounted in a ring or pendant. Their shape, color and carat size can easily be determined if they're bought loose. You can always have them mounted separately after a thorough inspection.
3. Reliable Dealer - 
A good, honest and reliable dealer is what makes a huge difference to your purchase. First, remember to shop with someone you trust and secondly, make sure the dealer/seller is someone who is looking for a satisfied customer and not just profit.
Your dealer should also provide you with gem certification from recognized gemological labs, including statements of origin. These are essential in establishing the authenticity of precious stones like Ruby Stone. An online gemstones shop should also provide a reasonable return policy, avoid retail websites that do not have the same. A vendor should recognize your right to evaluate stones and return them if they don't meet your requirements.
Buying precious gemstones jewels won't be all that daunting if you keep in mind the basic tips suggested above. The more you know about what you're buying, the better your experience will be.

Beautiful gifts for her


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life look no further than Pandora. For the past 30 years Pandora has been committed to making high quality jewellery accessible to the women of the world. Many facets, stories, moments and desires make each woman who she is – and make her beautiful. Pandora seeks to inspire individuality in all women, and to help them tell their own stories. Craftsmanship is at the heart of Pandora. From the first tentative sketch to the completed piece, quality and attention to detail are ingrained in Pandora’s DNA. Skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths carefully consider every facet and feature of each piece of jewellery. Genuine materials are finished by hand, combining century-old techniques with modern concepts and beautiful design.

Si estás buscando el regalo perfecto para esa mujer especial en tu vida, busca en Pandora. En los pasados 30 años Pandora ha estado comprometida a hacer joyería de la más alta calidad y accesible para todas las mujeres en el mundo. Muchas facetas, historias, momentos y deseos hacen que la mujer sea quién es -además de que la hacen más hermosa. Pandora busca inspirar individualidad en todas las mujeres, busca ayudarlas a contar su propia historia. La destreza esta en el corazón de Pandora. Desde el primer sketch hasta la pieza completada, la calidad y la atención a los detalles esta en el ADN de Pandora. Materiales genuinos que son terminados a mano, combinando técnicas viejas con conceptos modernos y un diseño precioso.


Pandora jewellery is a timeless representation of special events and unforgettable moments in our lives. We give and obtain Pandora charms as gestures of affection, trust and friendship. They’re symbolic of power, virtue, wealth, and everlasting love throughout history.

Pandora's feminine universe of jewellery is made for you to create and combine. With a wealth of charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, there are endless possibilities for you to express your personal style and to suit any occasion.

La joyería de Pandora perdura a través del tiempo, y es la representación de los eventos especiales y los momentos inolvidables en nuestras vidas. Nosotros regalamos y obtenemos los dijes de pandora como símbolo de afecto, confianza o amistad. Representan el poder, la virtud, la riqueza y el amor que perdura a través del tiempo. El universo femenino de la joyería de pandora esta hecha para ti para crear y combinar. Con una gran riqueza en dijes, brazaletes, anillos, aretes, collares y pendientes, las posibilidades para ti de expresar tu estilo personal son infinitas.


A Pandora charm bracelet is not a fashion item – it is a personally designed piece of jewellery that tells a unique story. In 1999, the iconic PANDORA bracelet concept was created. The first 15 charm designs went on sale in Denmark in 2000, and after two short months stores were nearly sold out and demanded to order more. Ten of the original charms are still part of the collection today, including the silver strawberry.

Un brazalete de dijes de Pandora no es un objeto de moda, es un diseño personalizado de joyería que cuenta una historia única. En 1999, el iconico brazalete de PANDORA fue creado. Los primeros 15 dijes estuvieron en venta en Dinamarca en el año 2000, y después de dos meses ya no quedaba ninguno en las tiendas. Diez de los primeros dijes siguen siendo parte de la actual colección, incluyendo la fresa de plata.


Sterling silver, 14ct gold, two-tone and an abundance of beautiful gemstones make up the Pandora range of earrings. Mix hoops, pendants and studs to create looks for every occasion. BUY PANDORA EARRINGS for your loved one this Christmas and not only will she have a beautiful new piece of jewellery, when she sees the little white Pandora box she will instantly know how much you care.

Plata genuina, oro de 14 kilates, combinación de dos tonos y gran variedad de gemas son los materiales que llevan los aretes de Pandora, anillos mezclados, pendientes y estoperoles para toda ocasión. Compra aretes de Pandora para la persona que quieres estas festividades, y no solamente le darás una pieza de joyería muy especial, también le demostrarás lo mucho que te importa.

Agua de Rosas


One of my dreams was to have a necklace with my name: Pauline and finally my dream has come true the wonderful brand Agua de Rosas send me this beautiful necklace of silver in gold plated. The most amazing is that it has a pink sapphire for wisdom.

Uno de mis sueños siempre fue tener un collar con mi nombre: Pauline, finalmente mi deseo se hizo realidad gracias a la marca Agua de Rosas que me mando este hermoso collar de plata en chapa de oro. Lo mejor es que tiene un zafiro rosa para la sabiduría.



This necklace is perfect for wearing it everyday, it is gold so it gives the right amount of light to my skin tone. I love how it looks with everything.

Me encanta este collar porque lo puedo usar diario, el dorado le da un toque de brillo a mi piel. Me encanta como se ve con toda mi ropa.


redhead blogger

agua de rosas

Agua de Rosas is a mexican jewellery brand who has the propose of making fall in love to the people who wear their pieces. Their jewellery is defined as energetic, romantic and fresh.

They make beautiful designs in gold pleated, rolled gold and silver, with beautiful precious stones and semi-precious stones.

Agua de Rosas es una compañía mexicana dedicada a hacer piezas de joyería que enamoren a las personas que las llevan puestas. Su joyería se define como energetica, romántica y fresca.

Hacen diseños muy lindos en chapa de oro, oro laminado, plata y plata con baño de oro con piedras preciosas y semipreciosas.


All their pieces are amazing, each one with lots of creativity. They offer everything you can image, also custom designs like my necklace, who doesn't want a necklace with your own name?

Todas sus piezas son increíbles, cada una con mucha creatividad. Tienen de todo lo que te puedas imaginar, y además puedes mandar a hacer con ellos diseños personalizados, ¿a quién no le gustaría tener un collar con su nombre?


As you can see the package is amazing, it has two small notes: one that talked about the power of the sapphire it says that it represents the wisdom. It helps the mind to be calm and to focus easier, it frees you from bad thoughts and mental tension. Isn't it wonderful to have such a powerful stone in your neck? And the other note talks about the brand.

El empaque también es muy bonito, tiene dos notas: una que te habla acerca del zafiro, dice que es la piedra de la sabiduría. Enfoca y calma la mente, y libera los pensamientos no deseados y la tensión mental. ¿No es increíble tener en tu cuello una piedra con tanto poder? La otra nota habla acerca de la marca.


If you want to know more about their brand or you want to order something you can go to their webpage, twitter, facebook or tumblr.

Si quieres saber más acerca de esta marca o quieres hacer un pedido, visítalos en su página, twitter, facebook o tumblr

Renaissance fashion trend

renaissance fashion trend

Have you been wondering what fashion trends will be hot in autumn winter 2014? Next week I'm going to talk about them in this blog.

One of my favorite trends for a/w 2014 is Renaissance, it's all about Creativity.  Defined as "a celebration of creativity and wealth with elaborate fashions to match" We will see many Renaissance paintings and small details as inspiration.

This trend is characerized by rich floral prints, clothes full of embellishments, black, gold, blue, yellow and red clours, plush fabrics and tapestry prints. The fabrics that will be used are: jacquard, velvet, tafetta and suede.

¿Te has preguntado que tendencias vendrán para el otoño invierno del año 2014? En el blog te estaré dando un adelanto la siguiente semana.

Una de mis tendencias favoritas es la del Renacimiento, tiene mucho que ver con la creatividad. Esta definida como "una celebración de la creatividad y riqueza con ropa muy elaborada para complementar". Veremos mucha inspiración en las pinturas del renacimiento.

Esta tendencia esta caracterizada por estampados florales con muchos detalles, muchos adornos en la ropa, negro, dorado, azul, amarillo y rojo son los colores, telas de felpa y estampados tipo tapicería. Las telas que se usarán serán: jacquards, terciopelos, tafettas y gamuzas.

jewelerry trends 2014

If you like jewellery this trend is such a great inspiration, you can use small stones and lots of gold touches in bracelets and necklaces.

For your hair wear braids in and old fashioned way. Redheads will be so in, just take a look at Renaissance paitnting and you will see many women with red hair.

Velvet dresses and coloured tights are my favorites, do you like this trend?

Si te gusta mucho la joyería esta tendencia es una excelente inspiración, puedes usar piedras pequeñas y muchos toques en dorado para las pulseras y collares.

Para tu cabello utiliza trenzas en un estilo antiguo. Las pelirojas estarán muy de moda, sólo basta con ver que en los cuadros del renacimiento aparecían muchas mujeres con este color de pelo.

Los vestidos de terciopelo y las medias de colores serán mis favoritas ¿te gusta esta tendencia?


Final NokiaLVK

pauline oh my dior

Not many of you know but these days I have been enjoying my life moments with the
Nokia Lumia 900 which happens to be an excellent phone, it takes amazing pictures and videos, and
the quality is supreme. I want to thank @NokiaConnects for letting me taste this fantastic phone!

Nokia planned a contest where you had to post the mood boards you create with their cell phone,
the inspiration was the great jewellery from @LeivanKash, a beautiful girl who creates unique
pieces you will love. I love her unicorns rings

I choose to be inspired by her collection named FLORA combined with unicorns because it
reminds me of the magic that fairies in the woods have. Sometimes we forget about
the little ladies that live in the forests, I imagine them with orange, burgundy and gold
pixie dust spreading their love flower to flower.

No muchos de ustedes saben pero estos días he estado probando mi nuevo teléfono, el
Nokia Lumia 900 , lo recomiendo al cien por ciento es un teléfono que toma
fotografías y videos de la mejor calidad. Quiero agradecer a @NokiaConnects por enviarmelo.

Nokia realizó un concurso en el que tenías que postear la inspiración que obtuvieras con
tu celular, el tema era la joyería de @LeivanKash, una chica preciosa que crea
piezas preciosas, mis favoritas son los anillos de unicornio

Decidí inspirarme en su colección llamada FLORA combinada con los unicornios porque me recuerda a las hadas del bosque. Pudo imaginarlas con su pixie dust naranja, burgundy y dorado esparciéndolo por todas las flores.

magic blog

All the photos from these boards I made were taken with the Nokia Lumia 900, I love the quality
and the effects of them. I literally take pictures every where I went, everything that inspired me and 
remind me of the floral magic.

I decided that a great idea will be to create a unique collection that combined the magic with the nature, 
I can imagine ethnic but shiny pieces with unicorn horns and gold accents.

Todas las fotografías de estos boards fueron tomadas con el Nokia Lumia 900, me encantan 
los efectos que pude darles. Literalmente me la pase tomando fotografías a todos los lugares
a dónde iba. Encontré mucha inspiración de magia floral.

Decidí que una gran idea sería crear una colección que combinará la magia con la naturaleza.
¿Se imaginan una colección que sea étnica pero con un toque mágico? tal vez ponerle algunos
cuernos de unicornio o toques dorados.


Another thing that inspired me was that I became a redhead did you know that many fairies
have red hair? it just feels magical to have that colour in your head.

Unicorns like my hair! I actually made a photoshoot with one you can see here.

Otra cosa que me inspiro fue convertirme en peliroja, ¿sabían que muchas pelirojas llevan este color de cabello? ¡Hasta a los unicornios les gusto! Hice una sesión de fotos con uno de ellos la pueden
ver aquí


Look at this beautiful sunset picture I took with my Nokia, it looks amazing such magical colours!
Unicorns will and always be my favorite animals they are unique as LeivanKash pieces, the rose ring
from her floral collection is amazing, don't you think?

¡Vean esta fotografía del atardecer! La saque con mi Nokia Lumia, ¡me encanta por sus colores mágicos!

Los unicornios son y serán siempre mis animales favoritos son únicos como los diseños de 
LeivanKash, vean este anillo floral ¿no es precioso?


I took more inspiration from Christmas and my daily life. I'm so excited to be living one of the
best moments of my life, you will find about it soon in my blog.

Tome mucha inspiración de la navidad y de mi vida diaria. Estoy viviendo uno de los
mejores momentos de mi vida, pronto lo verán en el blog.

oh my dior blog

In the end I was so inspired that I made some illustrations inspired in jewellery and unicorns.

Finally don't forget to take a look at Stylesaint one of the places where I get more of my fashion inspiration.

Al último estuve tan inspirada que realice algunas ilustraciones de unicornios.

¡No se olviden de checar la página de Stylesaint que esta llena de inspiración muy fashion!
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