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One of my favorite activities is going to drink a coffee by myself or with somebody else. When you do it by yourself it can be really pleasant to take your computer and work in a lovely place where you can get more inspired than in your own home.

It's more amazing when you can go for a coffee with your friends, boyfriend or even your family to share stories and laughs.

Una de mis cosas favoritas es ir por un café, ya sea sola o acompañada de verdad me encanta. Cuando lo haces sola es un excelente momento para trabajar en tu computadora y tener más inspiración que en tu propia casa.

Es mucho mejor cuando vas con otras personas, ya sean tus amigas, tu novio o tu familia. Me encanta ese momento de compartir historias y risas.

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In my city Morelia there are many places to drink coffee, obviously the most popular is Starbucks, I love their Chai Tea.

When I want to go for something more traditional I go to a place called Cafe Europa where they have the most amazing Apple Chai Tea, it's delicious and one of the best I have tried in the whole world.

En mi ciudad Morelia hay muchos  lugares para tomar café, obviamente el más popular es Starbucks. De ahí me gusta su Te Chai.

Cuando me gusta ir por algo más tradicional prefiero ir al Café Europa dónde tienen el mejor Te Chai que he probado en el mundo y es de manzana canela.


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I love going for a coffee but I'm not a big coffee fan, I rather prefer teas, specially Chai teas. What is your favorite beverage?

Me encanta ir al café, sin embargo no me gusta mucho tomar café, prefiero los tés, especialmente los Chai. ¿Cuál es tu bebida favorita?


Going for a coffee with your friends is a perfect excuse for wearing a comfortable and fashionable outfit like this one:

Ir por un café con tus amigas es la perfecta excusa para llevar un outfit cómodo pero envidiable como este:

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  1. I love these little rituals too :D

  2. Hola bonita! amo el café! y vestirme bonita para la ocasión! :D

  3. I prefer tea also, green tea gives me such a relaxation feeling:)
    Hem.,I m so currious now for Chai Tea dear.
    How's the taste like?


  4. I prefer tea dear, it gives me such a relaxation feeling.
    emm I m so currious now with Chai Tea.
    What's the taste it like?


  5. Hi dear, you have a wonderful blog :) I simply love it.
    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Uf esos flats son hermosos! Creo que ir a tomar un café también es de mis actividades favoritas me encanta el capuchino natural!

  7. I love Starbucks coffee, too. BUT, I hate that there's too many people so I end up staying in some coffee shops other than SB. We got loads of new coffee shops in my town.

  8. I love coffee and I also like going somewhere for a coffee all by myself.


  9. los zapatos wow

  10. WOW!!I love this post and i love coffee too!!
    Happy New Year!

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    kiss and happy day doll

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