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Among all the different accessories that are available – handbags, bracelets, sunglasses and earrings, to name just a few – watches definitely occupy a special place. Not only because they are stylish pieces of jewelry but also since they have at least one special function: Every watch does per se function as a time-telling device and allows its wearer to learn what time it is just by a quick glance at his or her wrist. Therefore the wearer is spared the trouble of having to dig in the trouser pockets for his or her cell phone. Furthermore, especially recently developed watches often include various other special features like online connectivity, a flashlight or GPS tracking. There are watches available for every purpose, every hobby, and every budget. They exist in every colour and in many designs and materials and can be plain or decorated so that everyone can find his or her personal favourite. I myself am especially fond of watches by Ulysse Nardin since they look just awesome and there are many different models available.

A pesar de que hay muchos accesorios que podemos usar, lentes, bolsas, aretes, etc. El reloj siempre es uno de los más importantes. No sólo por el valor monetario que pueda tener si no también porque es muy funcional. Actualmente hay muchos relojes con muchas funciones, hasta GPS. Hay muchos modelos de relojes y de muchos materiales a mi personalmente me gustan los de Ulysse Nadin por su gran variedad.

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Does it fit your style?

"Form follows function” is a famous rule among designers and architects, and hardly anything is a better proof for that than the design of a watch. You should, however, pay attention that the watch you wear fits your general style. An otherwise matching outfit can be messed up just by wearing a piece of accessory that doesn’t really fit with the rest. So if you prefer glittery clothes and jewelry, go for a watch with a slim strap made of gold or silver. If your outfit is generally characterized by a certain understatement, go for a slender watch with a black watch strap. Whatever you prefer, make sure that you take your time when choosing a watch since there is a countless number of pieces available. Be assured that patience will pay off and that once you have found the right watch for you, you won’t ever want to be without it again.

¿Tu reloj queda con tu estilo?

La forma sigue al a función, sin embargo es muy importante que te fijes bien que tu reloj tenga un estilo similar al tuyo. Si te gusta más la ropa brillosa o las joyas llamativas te conviene uno que sea de color oro o plata. Si te gusta tener algún acento en tu ropa, puedes buscar alguno negro o de color llamativo. Ya que encuentres tu reloj ideal te aseguro que no podrás dejar de usarlo.

Something that I've learned is that watches should match your face shape, incredible but it will make you look better. If you have a rounder face wear a round watch, it will look in harmony with your body.

If you have a more angular face like Kristen Stewart I suggest you to use square shape watches to match your features. I've learned this tips in a Image Consultant course I took in Netherlands.

Take a look on how to have longer legs instantly or learn the correct way for wearing belts.

Algo que no muchas personas saben es que tu reloj debe de tener la forma de acuerdo a tus facciones. Si tienes una cara más redonda usar un reloj redondo para que te veas más en armonía.

Si tienes una cara mucho más aungular como Kristen Stewart usa relojes más cuadrados para que combinen con tus facciones. Estos tips los aprendí en un curso de imagen personal que tome en Holanda.

Vean  ambién como tener piernas más largas al instante o aprendan la manera correcta de usar cinturones.


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