Camel and Fur


Is often common that fashion bloggers wear Camel and Fur for going to Fashion Week, it's a simply choice but always assertive.
No matter if you go to the 11/12 show, this pair is the "must wear" trend of this season.

Es muy común que las fashion blogger usen el color Camel combinado con Fur para ir a los desfiles del Fashion Week, es una opción simple pero siempre acertada.
No importa si vas al show de la colección1 1/12, este par es uno de los más hot para esta temporada.

The best is that you can wear them forever, specially the camel pieces. They are a basic in every closet 
and can be combined with many colors. 
The best is it truly will keep you warm and effortless chic!
Camel color it also adds a special glow to skin, and everybody looks wonderful with this color. 
Different levels and shades of camel colors will create an extremely elegant sense.
Fur will always add texture and make you look fashionable.
The best is to combine all with different pieces, probably it could be: one basic + one vintage + one fashion item = wonderful!

Lo mejor es que son piezas que puedes usar para siempre, sobre todo las de color camel, son un básico en todos los closets.
La verdad es que verdaderamente te mantendrá caliente y a la vez te verás chic sin ningún esfuerzo. 
El color camel añade un "glow" especial a la piel y queda con todos los colores de tez.
Diferentes tonalidades de color camel te harán ver elegante.
El fur siempre añadirá textura y te hará ver muy fashion.
Lo mejor es combinar todo con diferentes piezas, puede ser una básica + una vintage + una muy fashion = espectacular!



  1. Love it ♥♥♥


  2. Ahhh, so many wonderful photos! Love it. I have some great camel-colored boots, I'll have to pull them out of the closet soon! Take care.

  3. All I ever want to wear now is camel colored things with fur. So strange to stray away from my beloved black...


  4. Great collages! Love your high/low fashion choices. The Valentino fur bag is INSANE. xo style, she wrote

  5. agreed, love this post


  6. I am seeing alot of fur this week at fashion week. Have taken some great shots too.


  7. Camel is truly a perfect neutral, it isn't bland or boring and works for pretty much everyone. Love this post, and your blog :)

  8. GREAT post, i'm loving camel this season!!
    I stumbled upon you on derangedmylove and had to check you out!!
    Hope we can follow each other!

  9. Me encanta el combo de camel con fur, aparte del obvio negro le da un aire diferente más chic, aunque creo que es un poco más dificil de llevar, muy buena inspiracion en los collages!

  10. Thanks for the lovely comment :-)
    I LOOOOVE THIS POST! I'm obsessed with CAMEL, great images.


  11. im in love with the camel !! great photos

    stop by sometime<3

  12. im already following ya! thats a bet! Beautiful photos as usual! I love nude and camel colored loos these fashionable

  13. yes camel is def a must to have!!!



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