Iris Van Herpen


Amsterdam Fashion week S/S 2011

A new talented fashion designer is becoming famous, her name is Iris Van Herpen. She is from Amsterdam and has only four collections, the last one participated in Amsterdam Fashion Week S/S 2011.
She uses unusual materials like plastic, metal and others to represent textures that remind me the designer Alexander McQueen.
Do you think she could become the next innovative/strange/texture designer??
She is inspired by "dark" things like Mr. McQueen, the winter collection was inspired by mummification.
She has been exposing in art galleries also, if you want to know more about her take a look at her webpage: and don't forget to see the videos.

Una nueva y talentosa diseñadora de Amsterdam se esta volviendo famosa, su nombre es Iris Van Herpen. Sólo tiene 4 colecciones y participo en el ùltimo Amsterdam Fashion Week S/S 2011.
Usa materiales inusuales como el plastico, el metal y otros para representar texturas que me recuerdan al diseñador Alexander McQueen.
¿Crees que podría volverse la próxima diseñadora innovadora/extraña y de texturas?
Está inspirada en cosas ocultas como McQueen, su colección de invierno estuvo inspirada por la momificación.
También ha estado exponiendo en galerísa de arte, si quieres saber más de ella entra a su página y no te olvides de ver los videos.


  1. I live in Amsterdam and Fashionweek is just 2 steps away from my door, the thing is I cant go in. So fashionweek is not so important here because i cant get in, and there are no international famous people, only famous dutch people, which i dont like! :'( By the way: I love Iris! :D She's amazing!

  2. oh it really approaches the style of mcqueen! but no one ever will be so great i think!!

  3. Hmmm... This is interesting. I have not heard of this designer, but I like her look.

  4. OMG that splash dress is incredible! I agree with Joan, it reminds me slightly of mcqueen but still very different



  5. Es muy arte. Esos zapatos se merecen un sitio en un museo.

  6. What amazing fashion designs! Definitely evokes the work of Alexander McQueen. xo style, she wrote

  7. WOW.. and OMG.. i don't know which one is better to say.
    Those dresses are amazing
    The last one was my favourite
    Lee x

  8. intense and amazing designer!


  9. wow. so interesting. her stuff is beautiful and totally creeps me out at the same time. so very mcqueen. but he can never be replaced. love.
    the only slightly offensive sag award review...

  10. a bite strange *_* but chic


  11. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this video! I think it's healthy to compare, however, I think she also has her own techniques that differ from that of McQueen's.

  12. How amazing! I had never heard of her before your post, but I am glad I know her know. Her work is amazing!


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